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You’re a free spirit, a person who’s active and mobile. That’s why Kenwood’s UBZ-LJ8 PMR446 transceiver is perfect for you. Durable and packed with handy features, it’s the smart way to keep in touch wherever you go (almost)!

A low cost, robust radio with a standard Kenwood accessory connector. This radio can be used with a large range of external earpieces. Good weather resistant construction and loud clear audio.

Standard Kenwood Connector
A huge range of plug in accessories are available for Kenwood radios.

Fold-Away Antenna
Keep the radio compact when using over short range. Maximum range will be achieved with the antenna erect.

Auto Power-Off
Save batteries. If after 2 hours the radio has neither made or received a call or any controls used, it will power off.

Dual Battery Use
Use either the Kenwood battery pack, your own rechargeables or Alkaline disposable batteries. Note that the batteries are all aligned the same way for easy replacement in the dark

Secret Mode (Scramble)
If passing sensitive information switch to scramble mode. Range will be slightly reduced when using scramble.

A major advantage of Kenwood Funkey VOX systems over other radios is that no special VOX accessories are required. Virtually all plug in accessories with a microphone can be made to work VOX.

Key Lock
Locks the keypad to prevent accidental channel change

Operates on the PMR446 Licence-Free Service
Channels pre-programmed with the 8 PMR446 Frequencies
Choice of 38 CTCSS tones
Choice of 10 Call Tones (Ring Tones)
Built-In Voice Scrambler
Built-In VOX
Fold-Down Antenna
No License required for use in Singapore











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