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Standard HX390

The simple verion of the HX390 can be programmed with up to 16 channels or the select version can have up to100 channels using the RP5 programming software. Providing the frequency is a multiple of either 6.25 or 5KHz it can be programmed as either a simplex, semi-duplex, or receive only channels. CTCSS/DCS/SELCALL/DTMF: Above features are built into the HX390 as standard.

Although factory set to 2 low power & 5 watts high power the HX390 can be set-up for any two RF power levels. It is also possible to program a low power output for a specific channel, should it be required.

Operating frequency range: (F3) VHF 146-174Mhz (F1) UHF 400-430 Mhz (F3) UHF 440-470Mhz

When the battery requires re-charging you will notice the TX/busy LED illuminate along with a series of bleeps.

SELCALL FEATURES: The keypad version of the HX390 is a true systems handportable. It’s advanced superior technology can offer you every conceivable type of signalling feature that you would require to meet the most demanding system applications

As with all Standard main equipment the HX390 has a full compliment of accessories ranging from a voice activated head-set (CHP-390E), to six pocket rapid charger (CSB-390E)

Passed Low Pressure 500.2 I Passed High Temperature 501.2 I & II Passed Low Temperature 502.2 I & II Passed Temperature Shock 503.2 I Passed Solar Radiation 505.2 I Passed Rain 506.2 II Passed Humidity 507.2 II Passed Dust 510.2 I Passed Vibration 514.3 I Passed Shock 516.3 I

Approved Intrinsically Safe - Division 1 & 2 (Class 1/2/3, Groups C, D, E, F, G)




HX-390S Accessories
CAT159 / CAT409 VHF/UHF Antenna
CNB390E Ni-Cad Battery Pack (950mah 9.6v)
CNB380IS Discontinued (Similar to CNB390E)
CSA390E 110V/220V Desktop Rapid Charger
CSA380A 110v Desktop Rapid Charger
CSA380AB 220v Desktop Rapid Charger
CSB390E Multiple 6-Unit Rapid Charger
CMP117E Remote Speaker microphone
CMP116AB Remote Speaker microphone
CLC391 Leather Carrying Case
CLC390 Leather Carrying Case (For Keypad Model)

Other I.S. Radios :
Vertex VX-800, Entel HT800, Entel HT900


For ship's use - Export only

Other Available Models
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